Helmet Airbrushing

Motorcycle helmet murals and graphics. Custom airbrushing applied to your motorcycle, hockey, racing, or snowmobiling helmet using top quality urethane for that high gloss and longevity that my clients have come to expect. I offer complete paint jobs with or without art work, or I can add art work to your stock paint. Choose from airbrush murals, or wild graphics and special effects, like marble, kameleon kolors or true fire. All paint jobs are generously clear coated to provide a durable, highly reflective finish.

Airbrushed firefighter helmet

Custom airbrushed firefighter helmet, with white skull, maltese cross and white flames.

airbrushed firefighter helemt

Airbrushed firefighter helmet with log and white flames.

airbrushed skull on firefighter helmet

Airbrushed skull on firefighter helmet.

Airbrushed catcher's mask

Airbrushed catcher's mask, painted for a major league baseball player who stiffed me. Still a cool paint job and I thought it was worth showing. Many layers of kandy, pearl, flake and graphics.

airbrushed catcher's mask

Airbrushed catcher's mask for a major league baseball player.

Airbrushed Helmets...skulls, eagles, true fire, graphics

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Sometimes pictures are not enough to see the beauty of custom paint and airbrushing. In an attempt to better illustrate the beauty of my clients' projects I've begun to video tape some of my work. This gives you a 360 degree perspective of the art as well as a better look at the high gloss reflective finish I provide. The video below is of a grim reaper engulfed in flames.

Airbrushed Goalie Masks

Lone Star Airbrush is your source for custom painted and airbrushed goalie masks. We can paint graphics, logos, names, mascots, freehand airbushing, etc. on your goalie mask. We paint within your budget. You can choose to spend the minimum, or you can go all out. It's all up to you. Either way you get a killer airbrushed, one of a kind goalie mask. All work is done with top of the line automotive paints and covered with at least four coats of clear for an ultra bright, ultra durable finish. Call me today at 512.636.9461, and let's talk.